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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Constantly Curious—I Wonder…

I've been wondering about lots of things over the years, and
thought it would be fun to share my wonderings and invite you to
share yours with me as well.

(About other people's behaviors) - I wonder…
What makes people decide not to hit the snooze alarm one
more time?
How people got into the habit of shower or meditation or
coffee first thing?
What makes some people smell the flowers and others walk
on by?
What makes some people like lights and candles and others
darkness while making love?
What makes folks decide how much toilet tissue to use?
Why some people throw away vases of flowers as soon as
they’re past their prime, instead of enjoying them one more day?

How a clown costume can transform a person's behavior?
How Saturday morning opera experts identify arias from
obscure operas?
What makes some rise from poverty to wealth, and not others?
If anyone else I know has eaten ostrich at Zeke's in the
How many people know that dried kiwi tastes better than other
dried fruit?
How do gregarious people end up happily married to reserved

How do single people over 50 feel about possibly not being
partnered again?
What keeps unhappily married or careered people from
How would people's lives change if more people felt good
about extreme self-care?
(About my behavior) - I wonder…
What makes me so inquisitive? I just crave learning and
experiencing it all!
What I would do without my 1,317 page Roget's thesaurus
that finds just the right thing I want to say?

What made me spend three hours searching all the words
related to pleasure in the thesaurus I could find, and type up that list
of 340+ words, and just beam at the joy of words, and how I could use
that list in my writing and speaking?
Why, with the six new shelves Richard installed in my office,
I don't have more surfaces cleared and neat and fully usable?
Why a resounding "no" is easier to deal with than ambivalence
and indecision?
How we grandparents can feel so okay making fools of
ourselves with kids?

What makes me so delight in yard and estate sales and second
hand stores? And how come "all you can fit in a grocery bag for $5"
can make my day?
Why adding nuts to cereal or salads or ice cream makes me
feel luxurious?
Why it is so hard, when I think of chocolate, to refrain from
eating it?
Why "Mony Mony" makes me dance wherever and whenever
I hear it?
How I can sit in rapt attention by a creek under snow-capped
mountains for an hour, but find it hard to sit still and "do nothing"
most any other time?

Why, loving hot baths as I do, I don’t make time for them
more often?
Why that 6-story evergreen is blocking my view of the
Olympics there?
Why feeding ducks and watching them swoosh onto a lake
gives me such delight?
What it would be like to be a Life Coach for Oprah or
Madonna or Ally?
When I will give my first (national) speech/ workshop for over

How I got so lucky as to have no drinking, drugs, or smoking
Why, loving wind chimes as I do, I only bought some
How I got so lucky to be writing a column for Active Singles
Life since 1992 and for Women Network for 9 months?
How I did so well when I explored NVC with a potential
speaking client?
Why, at age 60 (yuck!), I don’t identify with "senior" or
"elder", but I’m still happy to take advantage of reduced rates for
people over 60?
If I’ll live past 90 and still be as young at heart as I am now?
How I could forget which country some of my mementos are
If there is reincarnation, what karma I am supposed to work on
in this lifetime?
When the earthquake happened February 28th, did others feel
what I felt: shaky, powerless, but aware of what matters: life, love,
friends, peace?
Since this piece would be less scattered if I organized it into
categories, why that seems so onerous that I'm just going to send it
out as it is?

Since spiritual books like Walsch’s Friendship with God, or
ones by Sinetar, Thomas Moore, and Zukav so fill me, how I can also
be so delighted by erotica or suggestive humor?
Since one guy from the personal ads said he felt like he was
being auditioned, and since a roomer thought I was too direct when I
talked to ad responders on the phone, how I check my inquisitive
nature so a guy doesn't feel he's being interviewed or investigated
before we set up a date?
How I got so lucky to be the free spirit that I am.
This was fun!! I wonder what you all wonder about!

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