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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Cleaning Out my Sock Drawer

It's hard to understand why I keep single socks.
I imagine it's the optimist in me
Who remembers that time when a mate did show up
(You'd have thought I won the lottery!)
The other day, from no particular motivation,
I emptied all 102 socks. (I love numbers and facts).
Soon 40 pairs went back, and 22 had a second chance.
One housemate claimed a few and then,
Bravely, without looking again at the solo socks I really liked,
I scooped them up and dropped them in a bucket,
Now to be used for wiping spills, cleaning floors.
Knowing I'm no more likely now
To clip pairs together for laundry bonding,
I've made the hard saver's choice:
Let it go. Don't look back.And so it is.



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