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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Humor for a Bedtime Snack

I’m often at my computer 8-10 hours a day.
I also do regular tai chi and workouts at the nearby gym,
Eat meals on the back deck, nap, and read in between.

When I’ve finished my day
Or when Discovery or travel shows
Or dance competitions strike my fancy,
I lean back against the pillows in bed and turn on TV.
The dancing partners dazzle me
With their dogged commitment, their pride, their grace.

I usually watch Wife Swap on Mondays at 8.
I never cease to be amazed when,
After two weeks with another’s lifestyle,
How many changes happen—
A husband who never helps, cleans the stool and sink,
A workaholic Dad cuts back and plays with his kids.
A vegan raw food family uses the stove.
A woman whose goat and dogs lived inside lets them out.
A totally messy teen cleans up and likes it that way.
I feel awe and hope and delight seeing people’s resiliency.

Watching Rick Steves, I’m delighted retracing steps
At Cinque Terre or Gimmelwald or Barcelona,
And new appetites arise for places yet unknown.

I always grin at Red Green over Harold.
Massive use of duct tape, the scrapes they get into.
TV, meditation, books and new experiences—
A balanced diet for this lover of life.



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