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Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Poem I Wrote in a Park in Dublin May, 2009

I will sit on this bench, quietly,
Till the sun shuts its light off
And my warmed body begs me leave.
I will pretend I'm held in a lover's gaze
Along with the many couples lazing on the lawns.
I'll remember the nap on Christchurch grounds
Where I was wakened by sweet church bells.
This park will be my Dublin memento
More than Grafton Street's walkers only shopping,
As much as Trinity College's library and Book of Kells.
Here I am quieted, grounded, balanced.
I need no entertainment, no new experience,
Not even another's companionship.
The peacefulness burrows around inside me,
Settles in, and pulls me to it.
When I leave with the sun, the peace comes along.

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