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Friday, March 16, 2012

Dec. 24 at my Neighborhood Church

It's a Fri. night in December and I'm in the neighborhood church. I knew it was going to be the Christmas story, but I felt the desire to be around people more than my lack of connection with Bible stories. I thought of leaving, guessed no one would care, yet felt some draw to this musical story. There was some familiarity that brought me back to growing up in a large farm family in Iowa.

What a long way this is from today's hours spent at the tax deed sale, followed by a nap, an apple and snacks, and a phone call with a friend sharing an MLM with me. I'm easily drawn to TV shows, and will probably watch World's Dumbest and a movie later. In this church, where I recognize no one, I feel no loneliness. (I knew I wanted to be "out" this evening, again feeling connected. I hear now a well sung song about miracles when you believe.)

Now we're all singing "Joy to the World" and 'The First Noel." I am aware I'm curious if there will be food afterward. When I brought snacks to share earlier, it looked like people had already eaten. Rev. Terry had Snuggies for guests here from Tent City. I'm reminded ever so gently how blessed I am. A young teen reminded us to share good will 12 months a year, not just in December.

I'm always curious about the thoughts that push themselves into most any activity I am part of. In the past few minutes, I've thought of grapefruit juice in my fridge, TV ballet on at 9, the 1000's of unread emails in my inbox, how the homeless people here and out in the cold are managing, when I'm going to turn my 2 books into e-books, how warm I feel toward my Unitarian church community, how much more intimate live performances are, and why I've not put dozens of my short pieces on my blog.

A few minutes later, the performance is over, and I walk the half-block home. I welcome the sense of connection, though I spoke to no one. The day feels surprisingly complete.

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