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Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Sometimes Painful or It Could Be

When I wake many mornings,, unless I commit to getting right up and reading or meditating or having breakfast, I've been visited by the ghost of incompletion. When I let my mind put on its morning parade of what I didn't finish that I intended to, I need an external whistle to stop the parade.

It may just be ego that is sitting on its throne of righteousness, but without the comparable royalty of movement and action, I'm not able to rise from my seemingly required homage to ego's claim. Knowing that moving from my obedient posture is the only thing likely to evict the discomfort of self-blame, I am grateful I can stick out my tongue at constraining thoughts and get my body moving.

(Written in my Memoir Writing group with a 10-minute timer.) Great avenue for self-expression. I'd love to read what YOU would write on any of the same topics.
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