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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Scarf, the Brooch, the Anchor

The scarf around her neck wasn't warm or luxurious,
But it was an icon, a memento, that somehow spoke its meaning
To us who saw it.
The woman wearing the scarf radiated aliveness and cheer.
I just had to go talk to her after the poetry group.

I wonder what my talisman might be if I had it always with me.
Sometimes it would be a frog or a duck or Eeyore
Or the bright colors I love to wear.
Maybe it would be the brooch in the shape of an anchor, holding me still.
I have noticed that when I see the anchor on my desk, I seem more settled.

Instead of feeling apologetic about wanting some external version
Of a child's security blanket, I am deciding, with conviction,
That anything that engages me and enlivens me, belongs with me.
Welcome home to every visual reminder that I am fully alive!

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