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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Writing with a Friend: my words and his 8-29-2010

Con and I went to the Bellevue Botanical Garden Art Show and enjoyed the various
sculptures and creative art pieces. While there, we wrote 3 different poems that
started out with the same first line. So I'll share mine and then his. A fun process!

1) The wind is around us but not on us.
We're in a rock-decorated garden with circular concrete walks
Among sunflower and plants of all kinds
The quiet here cleanses the spirit like a shower refreshes the body.
Beauty performs on the stage of the outdoors
Whether there are spectators or not

The breeze peeks through and tickles branches
Who shyly bow, then willingly do a dance.
It is all effortless. The tableau is like a table set with napkins and plates
Waiting for people to sit and eat.
I have tasted its grace and its color.
It is inside me. And now I can move on.
1) The wind is around us but not on us,
serene, calm, cozy with a woman friend.
The wind, without judgement
caresses everything with loving connectedness,

Wind, one of the activities of Life,
Creating, loving without opinion.
Wind, silent, except when caressing another of
Life's expressions.
Wind, unseen, partner of Life.
Seemingly seen, with its interactions,
Seemingly heard when it interacts.
2) A canopied pond invites us to its serene stillness.
We say thank you and sit on the bench provided.
The branches bow their welcome,
And we wait for the performance of frogs jumping,
Minnows moving, the mirror of the surface
Breaking with their tiny movements.

The elm is getting its afternoon tan
While other trees are content to be in the shadows.
Green covers the pond further down.
The explorer in me pictures myself
Walking in and folding the pond around me.

I so want the stillness taking me over
When I am feeling overextended.
Here, there is no hyperactivity.
Here I am totally at ease.
Hm....I'm taking it home with me.
2) A canopied pond, Still water,
A bench under the trees,
A breeze moving next to us,
Now slightly upon us,
Tall water grasses,
Sounds of automotive civilization in the distance
and way up in the atmosphere.

Sunlight coming thru the clouds,
Thru the branches and leaves,
A meandering dirt, gravel, well kept-up trail,
Big elephant ear leafed plants,
And a myriad variety of other green and brown and other colors of
Our family. We are all one Life.

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