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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Musings

The snow on the mountains
Blankets me with comfort and wonder.
I imagine myself camping, snowshoeing there.

Here I feel the sun, walk past other sun-lovers
On their way to the bus or the grocery store.
At QFC, I pick up produce, fish and frozen vegies on sale
And enjoy samples of pasta salad, cheese and apple.

Now I'm on the bus to an estate sale for our Unitarian congregation.
I drop off books there too for a later book sale.
My next decision: a nap, a stop in the park, or reading.
(You notice I didn't include cleaning my bedroom or office.
These clear pleasant days cloud my choices.)

Waiting for my last bus ride today, I'm aware that my
"Don't-want-to-miss-anything" head space
Made heavy bags with all the bargains I couldn't resist.
I love seeing the minus sign beside all the savings. $28 spent, and $28 saved!

At home, I started a new habit: marked what I'd bought in my red notebook.
When I listed my fridge contents, I found a jar of bacon bits
And a mandarin orange meat marinade I'd forgotten about. Yum!
Oh, I must remember to bring the notebook with me when I shop.
I don't need 13 oranges, 9 yogurts and 4 limes.

After my foray into fridge contents, I took the day off.
I watched God's Little Acre, part of America's Funniest videos,
A bit of The Nutty Professor, and the Young at Heart singers.
Then at the computer, I heard a 1-hour program on following your dream
As I snacked on grapes, carrots and hummous dip, and broccoli soup.

I gave feedback to a friend about his personals ad and the replies he'd sent.
And now, daylight savings and all, it is bedtime. And I am happy.

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