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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

My Attention

Toast and jam and chai tea,
Gray sky, books and clothes strewn,
Doctor appointment today after gym.
Tax appointment Friday -- much to get ready.

Just finished Rapt, about what we give attention to.
I look around my bedroom and notice, draw back from
All the books I want to read, the Wall Street Journals.
I chide myself for my seeming inability right now
To corral my thoughts, to turn most of them out to pasture.

I'm a bit "wounded" by Bill's "We can be friends, but no more"
After our one-half hour meeting in a coffee shop.
(Did I ask too many questions to "qualify" him, as he put it?)

I'm insatiably curious, so I WANT to hear a new person's
Experiences, values, beliefs, delights.

Ah, another man answered my ad. I wonder where this will lead.

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