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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Dances

I’m sure I felt as delighted as kids in a swimming pool on a hot day.
I was dancing – waltz, swing, fox trot,
including some hops and stomps and wiggles the instructor showed us.
Here on the dance floor, the flirting eyes and hips in motion are welcome—
for the dancers and the people watching.
No promises are made, only glances that might translate to
“You’re fun!” or “I like this!” or even “Yippee!”
Here we’re all on the same footing—all people who came to dance.

The instructor says each of us must ask three people we don’t know to dance—
Words that probably make it easier for the shy to try that out.
I already ask the men-- I want to dance when I like the music
I haven’t felt this young and playful in many weeks.
I was grinning and teasing with my eyes, and it was reciprocated.
Both Friday and Saturday I went to the dance with a different woman
who’d felt some reluctance, but enjoyed herself there.
Guess what! I’m on email lists for several dances.
Now I’m imagining falling for a good dancer. Live it up, my heart!

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