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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

He's Here Now (visualizing my desired life,7-3-2010)

I see him coming up the stairs. I can't wait.
I open the door before he knocks.
We grin, kiss, and hug a long time.
We're going to a festival today to enjoy music and the arts,
food, and people watching.

Another time we'll go for a long walk in a new neighborhood.
Then maybe dancing, a play, a book reading.
What we do doesn't matter as much as the easy,
carefree sharing of togetherness.

We speak our minds and our hearts with love.
We respect each other's need for space, for alone time.
We look forward to the opportunities, by day and by night,
for touch, affection, teasing, laughing and loving.

I often say "I'm glad we found each other."
He adds, "And I love you just the way you are."
We're looking forward to teaching Compassionate Communication together.
And we've started writing our book about pleasure and aging.
We'll continue that on our trip to Vietnam and China.
We'll enjoy being on Oprah and other shows with our book.

As people who live the Law of Attraction,
We've gone on Abraham cruises and practice keeping
our attention on what makes us happy.

I love how easily I pay all that is due.
I am comfortable and secure in a healthy present
and a prosperous future.
I have all I want and all is well.
And so it is.

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