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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Gratitudes--I Love It When....55 happiness-makers

I love it when
1) I get to the bus on time.
2) I make peace quickly with having left my cell phone home.
3) I save more money (sale prices!) than I spend at grocery stores.
4) I witness my inner or outer self drawing back and just notice, don't judge.
5) I feel irritation with a housemate and yet can discuss it matter-of-factly.
6) I don't push myself to make a decision, but let it come in its own time.
7) I remember to eat the leftovers in the fridge.
8) My friend Char helps me organize my bedroom and office.
9) A friend or two join me in writing a 10-min. vignette about something.
10) I have enough daisies, hydrangeas, roses and other flowers in my yard for regular bouquets.
11) Corn on the cob costs 25 cents. I buy 10 & enjoy 3 or 4 meals of corn and whatever.
12) I laugh out loud to Big Bang Theory or Last Comic Standing.
13) I experience relaxation without any agenda, as, at festivals.
14) I see 100s of beautifully painted nude bikers at the Fremont Fair.
15) I freeze 28 pints of strawberries from my front yard patch.
16) I love the comfort food of cooked sweet potatoes with butter.
17) I savor chard salad with avocado and pea pods and peppers and more--so good!
18) I get to feel a bit superior when I see "World's Dumbest Criminals."
19) I read Irv Thomas' Innocence Abroad about Europe on $100 a week when he was 64.
20) I settle in for animated Ice Age or Ratatouile or Shrek or Finding Nemo or Up.
21) I got 500 business cards from for $10.
22) My neighbor Carolyn helped me weed and gave me gardening tips.
23) I enjoy the weekend 2:00 bands at the Ballard Locks with a friend.
24) I have a free sample of delicious bread at Great Harvest Bread.
25) I discovered poppies! They look like a round head with a crown! I have a bouquet!
26) I feel cute with my new haircut.
27) I teach Nonviolent (Compassionate) Communication, and we all connect!
28) Dejon and I dance outdoors to Dusty 45s at City Hall, and write a poem later.
29) Richard and I share BBQ at RoRo's, then listen to an Abraham Hicks CD.
30) Dee and Char and I camped, sat by our 3 fires, and explored Mt. Rainier.
31) The 10-20 who come to my monthly potluck-discussion share very openly.
32) I enjoy Prairie Home Companion and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me on KUOW 94.9.
I just went to and found many more I like!
33) Dejon painted my front steps and put in a new rail for safety. Looks great!
34) Dee, Mary Beth, Linda, Char and I enjoyed food & fun at Strawberry Fest on Vashon.
35) Charles and I dined in style at Salty's Sunday morning buffet!
36) I hope to keep $500 in my BECU checking AND savings account for 6% return!
37) I enjoyed NW Compassionate Communication's Family Camp: warm connecting!
38) I saw Romeo and Juliet at Lincoln Park; Arts Festival at Camp Long.
39) With dry beans I bought for Y2K (2000), made a fine bean-sausage stew!
40) Daughter Katie, granddaughter Kayla and I grinned out loud over old photos.
41) I savored Georgia Mud Fudge at DQ with a guy from the personals.
42) I finally got 450+ photos from my cell phone to my computer. What fun!
43) Celebrated how much John and I had in common; alas, no chemistry!
44) Housemate Jim shared LOTS of cheeses he got for helping at a cheese fest.
45) The furnace's summer fan made 90 degree days close to bearable.
46) I love the free plays I see at Arts West and ACT when I usher.
47) In one day, I delighted in chicken tenders, mango tea, and crepes and yogurt.
48) My house is now 100 years old, and we have hot water everywhere it should be.
49) Kris bought my book. I have more Pleasures and Ponderings for $15. Ebook for $6.
50) I sorted my kitchen freezer and wrote it down. Now I know what I have!
51) Con and I loved the 18 artists at Bellevue Botanical Gardens. A lovely day!
52) I love how Wife Swap gets the other family to consider new ways of relating!
53) I talked to my 80-year-old aunt. Ag told me she used to rock us oldest four kids
and sing to us. And Mom sang when she ironed. I like knowing I was rocked!
54) I like picking out zydeco or blues or rock or ___ at
55) I love making lists and reading them twice and being happy all over again.

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