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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

West Seattle Street Festival 7-10-2010

It started by going onstage ("A chance to win $10,000"),
picking up sacks with my teeth and unwinding crepe with arms in motion. I didn't win.
I did wear my "Plays well with others" button.

I saw moms dancing with toddlers to rock and roll,
Free Cascade candy bars and QFC water,
$2 pizza slices, $5 BBQ pork.
I passed the paid food by, knowing I'd stuff myself at tonight's potluck-discussion.
25 cent books (I got 12), one 50 cent book,
An Asian painting for $10, with a free one thrown in
when she saw how long I'd taken to choose.
Grateful for all the 50% off cards and towels and dishes I could easily pass by.

In an empty chair (for sale) as I people watched, I saw
Beautiful babies in strollers or on Dads' shoulders,
A shirtless man with a flat stomach--aah!
A pot bellied man whose T-shirt proclaimed Potty Trained.
A young man whose jeans were so low his green undershorts were totally visible.
Girls doing cartwheels on the closed off street.
Lots of cleavage on this high 70's Saturday.
A warm hug from Dana who had to remind me how we knew each other.
Would be dance stars strutting their stuff to heavy metal.
I imagined the future hearing aids for the band and their followers.

I'm wondering how the day might have been different if I'd not had a misunderstanding
about meeting a man from the personals at the Festival.
I am content. Another time...
Now, still sitting in the shade, I decide to slowly head home,
Lest any more too-loud music invade my ears.
I buy a brain-tease book and a Celtic woman DVD for my friend,
And a blue floral design glass necklace for me.
At home, I hear the last half of Prairie Home Companion
and then pick cherries and strawberries for the potluck tonight.
Our topic: quotes from Bach's Illusions.
A perfect day: a festival, good food, good friends, sharing our hearts.

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