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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

You're Leaving--To a Housemate of Seven Years 3-9-2011

Chris, you've been a housemate for seven years.
And you were the only one in 26 years I didn't meet before you moved in.

I will miss your hugs, your grins and laughter,
Our mutual teasing, playing with words and ideas,
Shaking our heads about a common friend.
Our shared appreciation for Abraham Hicks, the Law of Attraction
And the Focus Wheel for my relating to a difficult friendship.

I see a parallel to your moving with the death of my friend Charles.
Knowing he was dying, I visited him every two or three weeks.
On the day he died, I went and sat with his body for two hours
And wrote thoughts and fees as I absorbed the finality of our friendship.
That night, nine of us shared stories and tears and memories.
I'll always remember how complete I felt that night.

Having time to "take in" the fact of your leaving
Has made this transition easier.
I feel a numbness and a sadness, a wistfulness and a heaviness
AND I am so glad you chose what your heart said "yes" to.

I'm grateful we both are staying aware of what lessons might be there
By way of our connection with a complex mutual friendship.

It was lovely to see how you and my brotherAllan connected.
Our potluck discussion took you in warmly when you joined us.
The small Christmas tree in the hall brought back the days
When I loved to decorate the tree with my kids for Christmas.
It was a joy to see and contribute what collected under the tree those weeks.

I'm tickled that we can giggle at those earlier times
When your temper surprised and even shocked me.

I value your generosity: the Saeco hot water pot, the microwave,
Rearranging the basement with James, sharing your Vortex DVDs.
And I was so thrilled when we worked on GMoneyPro affiliate marketing
Until we both got discouraged by puzzling messages of not "following policies."

My experience of Friendship has broadened these seven years.
You have become a Forever Friend, one who'd be on my Christmas list
(If I sent out Christmas cards), one whose birthday I hope to remember.
We've both grown in tolerance and acceptance of different housemates' behaviors.
I've loved seeing the closeness you and Ashley have with each other.

And the little things--your bringing matches for bathroom odors,
Doing the vacuuming every week, fixing it when it needed parts,
Putting Easter egg candies outside each of our bedroom doors,
Even hauling MY boxes to the basement as you cleared out yours for the move.

I'm sure I've overlooked some shared adventures or conversations,
But our friendship is a sculpture, a Friendship Oscar, that will take its place alongside
My leaves, frogs, ducks, dried bouquets, and boxes of "treasures."
There will always be a place in my heart and my home for you, my friend Chris.

Love, affection, and openness, Moreah

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