Pleasures and Ponderings

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Sun

Oh, the sun! It gently uncloaks my warm sweater,
And turns my serious lips into a smile,
Spreading its bright feast for miles around.

I see birds flying for the fun of it.
Children clap their hands and run toward dogs on the path.

It's more fun picking up polished beach stones
When the sun invites us to help ourselves.
Thoughts of "to do's" are replaced by "time for a walk."
Friends and neighbors are lighter in spirit,
Unharnessed from their cloudy day concerns.

Snow covered mountains remind me to stand tall and let my light sine.
I take time to watch the breeze fanning the branches.
My appetite for lightness rises.
I may even skip across the room and do a pirouette.
The scene from my window is framed in my receptive memory.
And now I'm treating myself to a pastrami sandwich with everything,
And I'll eat it on my deck in the sun. What good company!


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