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Friday, March 16, 2012

I Promise!

The promises I've made to myself have usually been harder to keep than those to others.I have committed to spending an hour a day marketing my CompassionateCommunication classes. That lasted a month or two, as did my vow to eat only one sweet/ day and to stop eating by 8:00 pm. (I can blame it on my friend who didn't check up on me as often as I needed her to, but of course it ends up my responsibility). I've made promises to finish what I start--and I still get sidetracked online by new topics to google, and new connections I see with emails I've already started. I don't want to miss anything, so I keep subscribing to a variety of informative and stimulating sites online. I probably did better with the promises I made when my children were small,though I heard recently from my daughter that a lot of our agreements required them to do something in order to get a treat or a desired activity. I wonder if all of us wish we could undo and redo some of the things we did as parents.These days I try very hard not to make promises unless I can and will keep them. Intentions are a good start, but they don't keep a promise. What has helped most is teaming up with someone to give mutual support to keep our separate agreements. I am unstoppable with daily connection. It feels wonderful to tell a friend, "Yes, I did what I said I'd do. Did you?" I'd like to believe I could one day be my own partner. If that happens, I will celebrate. In the meantime, I will honor my sincere wish to be in integrity by doing what I say I will do. I promise!
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