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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

On Hearing New Seattle Brass Ensemble  2009

I come inside at Camp Long’s Art and Nature Festival.
The music puts me in a deep dark jungle
Where harp, tuba, cello, trumpets and drums
March to, are musically set alive, by and with the singer.

I am made love to, wildly,
Oh, with such full presence, such aliveness,
I could come to the sounds as well as the imagined touch.

The musicians and the soloist are meditating
As surely as if they were in a temple.
I’m drawn into the worship that is reverberating with ecstatic sound.

The cellist’s eyes pull at my heart; oh, I can’t hold myself back!
The harpist’s smile can barely keep from erupting into pure rapture.
The drummer’s face is contorted with perfect, perfect pleasure.

 The singer, still making love with each of us, holds nothing back.
How I want this passion, this depth, to go on and on!

 I leave. You’re finished, but I’m holding on.
You got inside me.
How I’d like to keep you there.


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