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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My trip to Australia and New Zealand

I sent these postings to friends when I visited New Zealand and Australia in Nov.-Dec. 2005.
11-9-05 I'm on a deadline, will write you all shortly. Was sick in bed 3 days. Now in Wellington. Ferry at 2, and must see the museum 1st. Just ordered my bacon and eggs breakfast. Quiet hostel this time. Last night I didn't get to sleep a LONG time because of all the talking. Felt a little lonely. Could've joined, but there was smoking.

Got to Auckland Nov.3, never had a Nov. 2. Saw A. and a wonderful museum, got sick that night, and was in bed 3 days with diarrhea and vomiting. DOn't know why. Only white rice and toast. Finally on Sun. well enough to see Underwater World. Mon. off to Waitomo Glowworm Caves, where mucus catches insects as they fly up to the light. THen Rotorua, and a museum of the spa of early 1900's where 1000s spent $13-39 per treatment (by our standards today), many coming 19,000 km for the mud baths, electrical treatment, etc.

Saw millions of sheep, had lamb burger. Today a cable car up Wellington, then 1:20 to get the ferry to South Island. I'll go to Nelson and all the regular spots. Time is up and food is here. More later. Love, Moreah

Hi, last wrote Nov. 8. I'm in Christchurch at Women's Hostel--very nice. Went with woman Dr., 32, to grand Botanical Gardens here, then after the Museum and Arts Center and a chicken0cranberry quiche, ran into a woman very unhappy in her 42-year marriage. She drove us to a beach she loves and I listened and gave empathy. Hopefully she'll do what makes her happy.

I somehow didn't pack extra contacts, and am waiting for them--daughter Katie sent them to Christchurch General Delivery. May go back to Botanical Gardens along the Avon River, where I took photos of a gondolier, flowers, etc. So many grand historical and cultural displays in museums. My favorite was a mummy display where the staff had mummified a teddy bear and a couple toys--lovely whimsy. Got 3/4 lb. ground lamb, made it up with broccoli and brown rice and lots of herbs supplied in this big kitchen;. Before I'd had fat sausages on bread when I went on the Abel Tasman Park cruise and the 2 hour walk.

In Kaikouri, went on a dolphin watch. I was worn down, congested, so chose not to get in wet suit and wear myself out, but loved seeing 1-200 dolphins jumping and "playing" with swimmers. Was told a female was seen mating 5 times in about 5 minutes. I'll let you make of that what you will.

More later. Have to take the room another day or be on my way. Thanks to you who replied to my email. Not expected, but enjoyed. My computer will shut off in a moment so I'm out of here. Love, Moreah

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