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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Warning Signs to Watch For

We see and hear warning signs oftn enough. I've often wondered why I heeded some and not others. My real estate broker five years ago warned me about a Californi man who was trying to seduce me financially with a real estate deal. I did finally listen to my broker friend, because I knew he had my est interests at heart. (And I still have my refinanced home.)

I'd received several cautions about a local man I'd partnered with in real estate investment. My innate and sometimes naive trust in humans was put to the test a year later when, after no contact for a few months, I ended up selling that property on my own, at a loss.

Some indicators need no outside influences. For example, when I correlate a heans button I can't shut with my diminishing stash of candy, I can sometimes count on myself to limit goodies to my sweet tooth.

And oten, looking around at my home, I notice where a mopping or some painting or hammeing or weeding would make a big difference.

When a recent roomer threatened to take my house from me and told me I'd see "what it's like living in a tent," I knew it was time to give her notice. (I love warning signs that make the next step visible and (relatively) straightforward.)

When a Seattle snow made me hold on tight as I walked down the outside steps, I knew the glass paint last summer was a mistake. The steps are now protected with an anti-slip product mixed in with latex paint.

I remember advice or warning signs I've shared that have not been heeded either--by my daughter as a teen,my housemates who forget to remove lint from the dryer, my son when he's made financial decisions I was leery about. (Takes one to know one).

I wonder if there are objective guidelines for heeding warning signs. Maybe: 1) Visualize six months down the road and consider the alternative if you don't get the expected outcome.
2) Ask if you might offer the same caution to another if you traded places.
3) Note if comfort or taking a chance gives you the most satisfaction.

In the meantime, listen to your own and others' cautions and concerns. Learn what there is to learn, make peace with past mistakes, and relax, knowing your growing awareness is your strongest ally.

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