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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thoughts at the Morgan Junction Festival, June 12, 2010

I was sitting in front of the stagemoving in my chair to country music.
At the same time, I heard the cheers from the nearby tavern where fans
watched World Cup, USA vs. England.
The sun had long ago urged my jacket from my body to my pack.
The free bites of pasta, pizza, cheese bread and stuffed grape leaves
have ensured no need for pre dinner food stops.
The belly dancer's moves gave me ideas...
Kids on the nearby lawn are playing soccer,while others get their faces painted
or are pushed about in comfy strollers.
One child is leading a balloon dog around.
A chalk art contest is taking form on the sidewalk.
I alternate my tapping toes between sunny and shaded chairs.
Contentment holds me in place, though my eyes wish for a nap,
and my ears remember Prairie Home Companion is soon on the radio.

Tattoos and sunglasses and faces without worry are everywhere around.
Outdoor booths tell of emergency procedures, and sell plants,
brownies, cards, jewelry, and community services.
Parents and grandparents look lovingly at carefree youngsters.
They spark my appetite for sharing the imaginative innocence I see in young faces--
at the zoo, Children's Theatre, Children's Museum, and at home in the kitchen and yard.

I'm pleased to see recycling containers. I'm also happy that my inner judge
is giving me no flack when I postpone my trip to the library.
In the next few minutes, I must choose between acoustic folk rock here,
and Garrison Keillor on 94.9 six blocks away at home.

There's something hypnotic, homey and hopeful about the open-ended,
non-structured hanging out at street festivals like this, as well as at parks and beaches.
These are my neighbors, my people.
If only we could see all the ways we are alike, in ANY group of people. . .
We're all doing the best we know how to meet our needs.
And today, we all seem peaceful without any To Do list.
What could I do or be each day to feel this ease and contentment?
Well, I'm starting with "relaxation-without-agenda." Want to join me?

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