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Saturday, July 26, 2008


The Little Things
How lucky I feel that I’m so easily pleased by little things.
The whistle of the hot teakettle when I empty it,
Add cold water, and swirl it around.

The grin of satisfaction from rearranging five small plants
On the kitchen windowsill, and seeing the vase of garden flowers there.

The at-homeness of growing up on an Iowa farm
When I see Dupre’s 3’ by 4’ prints of barn and field on my bedroom wall.

The lovely oval can holding dried petals of bouquets given to me
For birthdays, Mother’s Day, illness, friendship.

The Placido Domingo tape, “A Love until the End of Time,”
I’m hearing with stereo head phones as I write and dream.
Sharing a minute of it on a treasured friend’s voice mail as I keep listening.

The essay I read years ago of a hungry child who picked up and ate
A single grain of rice that had fallen. I’ve done the same ever since,
Grateful for the lesson on valuing and not wasting.

The wrist band for the pool from my favorite hotel, the Atlantis, in the Bahamas.
The delight in its splendor, AND in the simplicity of low-cost hostels I usually stay at.

The amazement when a new housemate neatened the front porch,
Linen closet, hall, back deck and, wow, the BASEMENT!

The koala bear cover for the Kleenex box, and the photo of me
Holding a real koala!

The cloth monkey (at least 20-30 years ago my daughter’s)
I hold as I go to sleep.

The pay-what-you-will tickets I get for an Intiman play
By just waiting in line.

The crisp skin of a roasted chicken or turkey –I do get greedy!
The German chocolate cake in the freezer I enjoy in small chunks.

My bright-colored bed cover and pillows.
The mural of Mt. Shuksan on my bedroom wall.

The attention we got at Alki when I held on to the walker made of plastic—
My daughter’s gift for my 67th birthday. I love seeing people’s grins.

Sat. and Sun morning music on 91.3 as I sit up in bed and read, write, muse.
The learning from 1150 am--Vibrant Health and The Dr. Pat show.

The beach stones and driftwood on the ledge outside my office window.
The sandwich and juice on my second floor deck as I watch the sunset.

The turtles, frogs and ducks I have on the hall window sill.
The hammock on the front porch for lazy evenings.

And overall, the love and acceptance (most of the time) for this person named Moreah.
My curiosity asks: What are YOUR Little Things? I'd enjoy hearing them.

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